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What participants really think about user testing — Pre-testing and in-testing motivation

User testing is an integral part in an iterative design process. Blind spots can be seen early on and users’ insights can be gained to keep improving the design. While the whole design team benefits from the engagement of the participants, the participants seem benefit very little from the session. Why do they still invest […]

The UX dark patterns — The balancing act between companies’ interests and end-users’ needs

Have you ever been given a design brief with a single end goal to raise the conversion rate? As UX/UI designers, we were trained to think from end-users’ perspectives. We’re no stranger to the process of selecting target users, observing them, talking with them and even creating with them in order to elicit insights that […]

Why should we care about UX research? — The pitfalls in UX reserach

UX research ≠ good UX research. Coming from a design background and working in the industry for a couple of years, I’ve seen many occasions where UX research failed to serve its purpose. It’s not uncommon that after a significant amount of time and effort were put into conducting interviews/focus groups/usability testing, the findings turned […]

Netherlands, thank you and goodbye — Reasons why I decided to leave the country after 4 years of study and work there

I’ve been thinking for awhile about writing an article to explain why I decided to leave the Netherlands, but something kept holding me back. On the one hand, my feelings toward the Netherlands are complex. It’s not an absolute like or dislike. On the other hand, it feels like a relationship without a happy ending — a […]

TU Delft study sharing

想要寫一篇文章來解釋為什麼我想離開荷蘭很久了,但一直下不了筆。一方面是因為我對荷蘭的情感相當複雜,不是絕對的喜歡或討厭。二方面是某種層面來說,它就像是面對一段沒有結果的感情,有點令人難以啟齒。 直到上週,我受邀在TU Delft在台灣的留學講座上,以學姐的身份分享在荷蘭留學工作將近四年的心路歷程。看到台下爆滿的聽眾,才讓我意識到,有許多人對荷蘭相當的好奇及感興趣,他們就像當初出國前的我一樣,對歐洲的歷史文...

working in the Netherlands

前言 有鑑於很多人來信詢問來荷蘭念書和工作相關的問題,一個個回覆之後發現很多問題都大同小異,因此索性整理成這篇Q&A。本篇的回答是依據我在荷蘭念書和工作將近四年的經驗(2011-2015),以及身邊看過的例子,目的是希望提供一個過來人的觀點,給需要的人參考!(針對特定學校、學費、課程…這類問題,建議直接些信去問學校會比較準,因為我只念過一個學校的一個科系,且已經在2015年離開荷蘭。) Q:為什麼選擇荷蘭?當初的考...