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How to choose a UX Master’s Program Things to consider based on roads I’ve taken

It’s not a secret that UX is a booming field. Many people want to break into the this area and the first questions they ask tend to be: “Should I get a degree?”, “Which program?” I asked myself these questions after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business (Taiwan, 2010) and ended up collecting two […]

How to teach yourself UX design My learning journey and a living list of UX resources for self-starters
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First of all, I have to confess that my UX design skill was not completely “self-taught.” I have in total 3 years of higher education in design. Simply put, this is not a “how-to-land-a-decent-job-without-a-degree” story. I did learn a lot in school in terms of research, critique and collaboration. Nevertheless, I found that all successful […]