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How to choose a UX Master’s Program Things to consider based on roads I’ve taken

It’s not a secret that UX is a booming field. Many people want to break into the this area and the first questions they ask tend to be: “Should I get a degree?”, “Which program?” I asked myself these questions after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business (Taiwan, 2010) and ended up collecting two […]

How to teach yourself UX design My learning journey and a living list of UX resources for self-starters
My desk

First of all, I have to confess that my UX design skill was not completely “self-taught.” I have in total 3 years of higher education in design. Simply put, this is not a “how-to-land-a-decent-job-without-a-degree” story. I did learn a lot in school in terms of research, critique and collaboration. Nevertheless, I found that all successful […]

The art of giving feedback A crucial but often overlooked skill for designers
Design sketching

I remembered one of my teammates at school presented her video work to our team. I thought there was large room for improvement, so I pointed out what I didn’t like about the video, using another teammate’s work as an example. After finishing my comments, I immediately felt the tension in the air. My teammate […]

What participants really think about user testing — Pre-testing and in-testing motivation

User testing is an integral part in an iterative design process. Blind spots can be seen early on and users’ insights can be gained to keep improving the design. While the whole design team benefits from the engagement of the participants, the participants seem benefit very little from the session. Why do they still invest […]

The UX dark patterns — The balancing act between companies’ interests and end-users’ needs

Have you ever been given a design brief with a single end goal to raise the conversion rate? As UX/UI designers, we were trained to think from end-users’ perspectives. We’re no stranger to the process of selecting target users, observing them, talking with them and even creating with them in order to elicit insights that […]

Why should we care about UX research? — The pitfalls in UX reserach

UX research ≠ good UX research. Coming from a design background and working in the industry for a couple of years, I’ve seen many occasions where UX research failed to serve its purpose. It’s not uncommon that after a significant amount of time and effort were put into conducting interviews/focus groups/usability testing, the findings turned […]

How do you improve your creativity?

Question background As a designer, “how did you come up with the idea?” is a frequently asked question. If the person who posed the question happened to be a designer, then the question would become something like “how do you improve your creativity?” Answer I can not agree more with Steve Job’s famous quote: “Creativity […]

What’s your thought about following the UI guidelines?

Question background I was asked this question by a sophomore student majoring in Communication & Multimedia Design when I gave a speech about the design process at de Haagse Hogeschool. Basically, he has a feeling that the UI guidelines (e.g.