Gather useful information of recent pop-up stores in Europe
The Hauge Peace App

PopUpPoint is a freelance project in cooperation with a marketeer and three developers.

Pop-up store is a recent retail trend of opening short-term retail space to boost sales and gain brand awareness. This project aims at creating a platform integrating all relevant information for pop-up stores. For customers, they can get up-to-date stores' info and get notified when new stores are opened. For retailers, they can search for desirable places to create pop-up shops.




UX advice
Art directing
Visual design

The context of the project

I was approached by one of the product owners for design consultation on a brand new startup. Their soon-to-be launch product, PopUpPoint, is an app that intends to introduce all pop-up stores in the Netherlands.

The product owner noticed that opening pop-up stores is an onward trend in the retailing industry, and platforms that integrate information from different retailers are missing in the market. Plus, the few competitors fell short on delivering strong identity and strategy that retains the customers.

As such, my initial responsibility was to create a brand identity that embodies the company's ethos and differentiates it from the later competition.

Brand identity

The target group of this app is hipsters who are usually young, entrepreneurial and fond of latest trend and fashion. Therefore, the app must bring fun, fresh and breezy feelings. The style must be sleek and elegant.


Logo design




Business card


The product owner came to me with a very clear idea about the features of the app. For the first release, the requirement was quite simple – basically a clear and appealing presentation of the selective information that is most relevant for users.

Within time and budget constraint, the flow was structured fairly quickly after investigating the requirements and competitors' products. My effort was mainly put into creating stunning visuals that stand out from the current market.